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About Us | NITLE’s Technology Fellows

Cohort One, Group Two | Social Software and Computer-Mediated Communicationback to topLaura BlankenshipSenior Instructional Technologist, Bryn Mawr CollegeFocus: software and computer-mediated communication and their integration into the classroom. Ms. Blankenship has four years’ experience with offering workshops in a variety of technology tools, including web development applications, course management tools, instant messaging, and video editing, to name just a few, with a specific emphasis on pedagogicaly applications and technology-related issues such as copyright, open source and its implications for higher education, and plagiarism. She has also taught two freshman-level courses that have integrated blogging into the learning experience, using the first of those classes as the basis for her dissertation on the use of blogs in the teaching of writing. She also has experience with podcasting, wikis, and other social software tools such as Facebook, Flickr, and Google Docs.Sean PollackInstructional Technologist, Pomona CollegeFocus: software and computer-mediated communication and their integration into the classroom. Dr. Pollack brings to the program seven years of experience designing, implementing, and conducting technology instruction and conferences for GLCA, ACS, Cal State Fullerton, and Pomona College; he also bring ten years of teaching experience in writing and literature. He has experience with weblog software in classroom settings, administration of Word Press, and as a user, teacher, and administrator with course management systems. His interest in using electronic text, discussion, and new media for teaching and learning in the humanities is long-standing. In graduate school at the University of Michigan, his composition courses were among the first in the English department to use a networked classroom, HTML course pages and readings, threaded discussion, and student-authored web pages to explore new models of writing, reading, and discourse. Currently, he is interested in finding new models and modes of class-based learning that make use of newer tools of electronic publishing–weblogs, content management systems, wikis–that support student active learning and constructivist pedagogies.Donnie SendelbachAcademic Technology Specialist, Lake Forest CollegeFocus: software and computer-mediated communication and their integration into the classroom. Dr. Sendelbach has seven years of experience in technology instruction at three NITLE participating colleges and 15 years’ teaching experience in language and composition. She has served as the Director of Humanities Computing at Lawrence University and the Mellon Technology Fellow in Writing at Bard College. She has offered workshops, class sessions, and individual tutoring on a variety of software programs as well as tools within Moodle, WebCT, and Daedalus Online. Much of her training and work has focused on tools that develop students’ written communication skills within and outside the classroom. She also has explored the pedagogical uses of chat and discussion boards as ways to supplement face-to-face class discussion while also demonstrating the importance of writing for an audience.

About Us | NITLE’s Technology Fellows

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